Celebrating National Smile Month This May 2018

National Smile Month takes place between the 14th May and 14th June. The campaign encourages dental and health professionals to join in and help educate and motivate positive oral health messages, improving the quality of smiles in the UK!

If you want to get involved in National Smile Month, there are several events and activities that you can part in.

Two-Minute Challenge

The two-minute challenge is a great way to get everyone involved, whether in a business, school, workplace or community. All you need to do is take two minutes out of your day to brush your teeth together. It’s particularly good in schools as it’s a simple way to remind young children about the importance of brushing your teeth for two minutes.


Creating an eye-catching display within a school or workplace is a great way to grab people’s attention and alert them to the fact that it is National Smile Month. Displays are ideal for teaching people more about their oral health and what they can do to improve theirs.


National Smile Month is a campaign from The Oral Health Foundation. Using fundraisers to involve a variety of people to support the charity can be extremely fun, whilst still promoting good oral health. Why not organise a healthy bake sale or a community triathlon?

Toothbrush Exchange

Many dental practices take part in an annual toothbrush exchange for National Smile Month. People are encouraged to hand in their old toothbrushes for them to be replaced free of charge. Old toothbrushes will be donated to Charity Partner Mercy Shops, where they will then be donated to children in Africa.

Here at GAP Dental, we have a range of products that can help you improve your oral health this National Smile Month. Whether you’re looking for disclosing tablets to highlight plaque and help improve your brushing technique or some hygienic mouthwash tablets, we’ve got what you need.

For more information, you can get in touch with the GAP Dental team by visiting our contact page or calling us on 01474 560618.