Did you know the fear of the dentist is one of the most common types of phobias in the United Kingdom? Many people experience anxiety when having dental treatment, though a phobia is a deep fear, which can stop patients visiting the dentist at all, thus putting their health at risk.

If you’re suffering with a dental phobia, these five top tips can help you deal with your fear of the dentist.

Talk with your Dentist

If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiousness and worry regarding visiting your dentist, ask to speak to them beforehand. Dentists are approachable, understanding and willing to do what they can to help you feel calm and relaxed. Speaking to your dentist prior to any treatment will mean they are aware that you are a nervous patient, thus making the idea of treatment less dauting.

Don’t Hold Off

Dental anxiety can stop people from going for their six-monthly check-ups for years. One of the main problems with a phobia of the dentist is that it will get worse the longer it is left. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, it’s likely that you will need more treatment. Take the first step by going to your routine appointment to reduce your risk of decay, gum disease and other future problems.

What is your Phobia?

Many people have specific phobias that contribute to feelings of nervousness or anxiety when they go to the dentist. For example, many people are afraid of needles, though not all dental treatments require the use of them. If this is the case and you are afraid of needles, speak to your dentist, as there are other options to help you, like sedation.

Control Breathing

Think positively and take deep breaths to help you stay calm throughout your dentist appointment. A negative mind-set will only make you feel worse, so think about it as a quick ten-minutes of your life that will be over before you know it. Break down the scenario and rationalise the situation to help you cope with what is happening.

Bring a Friend

Taking someone with you to your dental appointment could make the process easier as you’ll have additional support and assurance. Ask your dentist if your loved one can stay with you as you undergo a procedure. It is best to take a friend who doesn’t have any fears of the dentist, to ensure the two of you aren’t worrying each other on the day!

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