The answer to problem dentures is in the form of a convenient, soft, acrylic resin.

Sof-Grip is an acrylic resin material designed with the intention to use as a soft denture fixative and liner. It requires no mixing and comes ready to use.


  • Cushioning painful new dentures
  • Soft denture fixative
  • Stabilizing loose dentures
  • Denture resealing following gum shrinkage
  • Filling local voids in dentures

    1. Thoroughly wash and dry dentures, making sure to take care when removing all previously applied fixative and liner

    2. Warm the Sof-Grip syringe by immersing it in a beaker of very hot water for 2 minutes

    3. Gently squeeze out a steady stream of resin onto the fitting surface of denture

    4. With wet fingers, spread Sof-Grip resin over the denture

    5. Replace denture in mouth and with clenched teeth, move jaws side to side 5 times and then gently clench teeth for a further 2 minutes

    6. Remove denture from mouth and wipe any surplus resin with wet fingers

    7. Finally, rinse mouth before replacing denture in mouth


  • Wear the denture continuously for at least 8 weeks
  • We advise not to eat for the first 3 hours
  • Sof-Grip can be removed after 5/6 weeks and if necessary, a fresh quantity applied
  • For persistent denture problems, please consult your dentist.
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